Just an announcement.

I am so sorry that I have been not active for these past weeks. That is because I am on a vacation for five months (long story) but I am and I don’t exactly have the best internet here to post stuff but even after not being active I have been getting more and more followers. And I really appreciate that. But I was thinking that I would start an advice column, not one here but on ask.fm. If any of you guys want advice you guys could just ask @dancinglilacs on ask.fm.

This is so true because I have this many followers in Tumblr and every day I seem to be gaining new followers even though I am not active these dates because I am on vacation but guys still like my pictures and support me through everything. I have become close friends with  @thatsexactlyme and can you actually believe it  smilingwhenyouseehim is following me and there are just so many people who send me wonderful messages telling me how beautiful even though they don’t know how I look and I just keep smiling like a retard all day and sometimes when I sleep.
Yes I know winter is long gone but the quotes is something about summer.
I want to be brave, selfless, kind, smart and honest.

I’m sorry guys but I had to post this. Last year I had suicidal thoughts but I’m okay now. We need to help people get out of it. I want you all to help your followers who have suicidal thoughts or are suicidal please. I know together we can do this. We can fight this. We can help people. I love you all and if you’re going through anything talk to me. I’ll help you through I promise. I love you all. Don’t kill yourself. Not today. Not tomorrow. Never.

andthatswhatgoesinmymind said: Hiiiii. Just stopped by to let you know that you're perfect and you deserve all the love in this world. Have a nice day! :) x

Thanks so much! This literally made my day so much!

Baby lips
Over The Ridge

Over the ridge,
We manage to get across a fridge,
A fridge,
A fridge,
Some food, some drinks,
Some Starbucks indeed,
We eat, drink and proceed.

Over the ridge,
We enter a house,
With computers and tutors,
But look what we found,
A page,
A page,
On what does it say?
Tumblr.com, a bloggedy sage.

Over the ridge,
Sittin’ a palace we’ll be,
There’ll be the servants, Jackson and Mark,
Bowing down for a fee,
There you’ll say, “Hey scrounges, go get that dancer-to-be!”
Old Shelby will enter,
Singing and dancing the song,

Over the ridge,
Above the hills,
There’ll be two dreamers
Laid down to look high
Pointing three lovers, into the stars,
You’ll say, “Hey Meera, I’m going to India, but as I return, I’m sure to bring you Mars.”

A poem written to me by my best friend.

Anonymous said: We hate your blog. How did you make it so bad?

Excuse you? If you don’t like my blog, don’t visit it. Back out of it. I have no idea why you visited my blog in the first place. If you don’t like my blog, I honestly don’t care because there ARE other people out there who do love it. But let me give you some advice, if you have negative thoughts about something don’t say it to the outside world unless it is really bothering you because if someone else said something negative to you, and if I were you I would be really upset.

Selling buttons today!
society can say what they want
Even though this is an old song by them, I ❤ it so much!